Disability Partnership Finland

We bring together Finnish organizations of persons with disabilities.

Disability Partership Finland is the coordination, cooperation and expert body for development cooperation in the field of disability in Finland and in international forums.

Important values for the Disability Partnership Finland are human rights-based approach, global solidarity, participation and trust.

Our vision is a world where the human rights of people with disabilities  are realized and where people with disabilities work to develop their own communities at the local, national and international level.

Our activities started already in 1989 as the Development Cooperation Association of Disabled Organizations FIDIDA ry. In 2014, the name changed to Disability Partnership Finland. The name encapsulates our philosophy: progressive development cooperation to improve the status of persons with disabilities.

Our member organizations

Abilis Foundation is also a partner

In addition to the member organizations, Disability Partnership Finland has the Abilis Foundation as a partner member, with whom we actively exchange information and experiences.