Everyday stories

People are at the heart of our work.

The everyday life of people with disabilities is often difficult, but there is also happiness and joy in people’s lives everywhere. Get to know the people our projects have reached and supported.

A Zambian power lady

Linah Musisika from Zambia is an activist and farmer. She serves as the chairperson of the Nadezwa village support group of ZNAPD, a Zambian organization for people with physical disabilities. ZNAPD is a long-term partner of The Finnish Assiciation of People with Physical Disabilities.

In the village of Nadezwa, there is a lot of work related to livelihoods, because Musisika believes that people with disabilities should have the opportunity to be self-sufficient. In addition to farming and animal husbandry, the group has various income-generating activities: fish farming, catering services and cultivation of reed plants.

Musisika is active in the church, in the fertilizer cooperative and in the leadership of a group of women with physical disabilities throughout Zambia. ”Even though we are physically disabled, we are also part of the community,” she says.

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”My dream is to have my own studio”

Robert Malemia and Rodicken Chimenya are deaf artists working on the edge of downtown Blantyre, Malawi. Robert dreams of establishing a joint studio with other deaf artists in the city center.

Running a business alone is difficult, but with a friend it goes well. Employment is generally difficult for deaf people in Malawi. MANAD, Malawi National Association of the Deaf , campaigns with the support of The Finnish Association of the Deaf to improve education and work opportunities for the deaf.

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Peer support for people with intellectual disabilities

Jane Akinyi is an expert by experience at the Kenya Association of the Intellectually Handicapped. She travels around Kenya talking about opportunities for young people with intellectual disabilities and encourages them to demand respect for their rights. The project’s Finnish partner is Inclusion Finland FDUV.

Akinyi also tells other people with intellectual disabilities that it is possible for them to find work. “I say they are capable of making independent decisions,” she says. “I’m happy when I can help others.”

Video: Veera Lehto-Michaud